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Summer Chic Skirts

Summer Chic SKIRTS!

My personal summer style is all about cool, easy dresses, but this year, designers have made a distinctive shift and offered up a bevi of amazing, gorgeous, artistic SKIRTS that are hard to resist!

Many of us avoid skirts, because they can be hard to pair with tops, sweaters or jackets. But I have a basic formula for these beautiful full, artsy, skirt styles.

Just let the skirt and shoes do the talking!  When it comes to wearing a full midi-skirt, or ball skirt style, keep your top very simple and, dare I say, casual. A simple tank top or fitted tee-shirt is all you need when you have a skirt that wows!

Flirty skirts pull focus to your legs and feet, so you want to be purposeful and striking when it comes to your shoe choice.

So buy the skirt!  Wear the shoes! Get ready to feel young and girly, and enjoy the summer of the skirt!!

You can do this!


The Man Romper

The Man Romper!

Called “the most emasculating  garment ever created”, the Man Romper is now a thing.

Like a grown-up onesie, the Man Romper is a combination shirt and shorts, usually with a front zipper or buttons.  Totally comfortable, oddly stylish and relatively inexpensive – I actually find them interesting! (Kind of like a summer flight suit… picture the BLUE ANGELS version… cool and sexy :-) )

The point is, it is not very often that fashion launches a brand new concept, and this is one. So if you’re looking for something new to get your fellah, or even a gag gift for Father’s Day, the Man Romper is the garment for you.

So… will your man romp?


Spring Closet Cleaning


It’s time! It’s time! Your closet is calling… and I’m going to make it easy and fun to get organized.

This is my favorite time of year! Out with the old, organize your stuff, and get ready to reinvent what you already own!

Plan an upbeat afternoon. Put on your favorite music, make sure you have a full-length mirror, open your closets and begin!

Plan to make 4 piles of clothes:

– DONATE – for a tax write-off or consign for extra cash
– RECREATE – will a $20 alteration make this work?? If not, DONATE!
– CONTEMPLATE – perhaps this item has sentimental value… put it at the end of your closet to consider later

Once you have your FITS ME GREATS ready to go back in the closet, ask one last question: Does this represent who I am and where I’m going??

Make sure it does…if it doesn’t — DONATE!

Boom – one afternoon and you’re ready to bring on the sunshine and feel wardrobe-renewed!

For more helpful hints on organizing your closet, pick up my book STYLE ON A SHOESTRING!


Swimsuit Trends

2017 Swimsuit trends!!!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first??


The bad news is that it’s time to go shopping for a new swimsuit!

The good news is that this signals that the worst of winter is behind us, AND there are some really cute trends that we can all enjoy, no matter your size, shade or shape.

The first trend is lace!! Not just for the bedroom anymore, beautiful lace details and macramé styling is a fabulous trend that adds femininity and texture. This trend is super-sexy and can easily be achieved by just adding a lacy cover-up.






Next up is the halter-top. Halter-top bikinis and one-pieces are cute, trendy and everywhere, at every price point. I love this trend for packing light, because the halter top can easily do double-duty when added to a skirt or slinky pants for a night out.



And finally, wide straps!! Wider straps have replaced the strings of old. This trend is great for fuller busts and for creating shape. It looks fresh and new, but the tan lines may be less than desirable. Consider this one with plenty of sunscreen, or for spending time under a nice, big umbrella.

Go have fun!!

Special-Occasion Hair

It’s HAIR SEASON! Hahaha!

I know that sounds funny, but this is the time of year that we start to shed our winter hats and think about special-occasion hair!

Whether it is prom, a wedding, graduation, vacation, The Derby, or family celebration, we all have something coming up that requires a little something special when it comes to our locks.

So I want to give you my 3 tools for fabulous special-occasion hair. You’ll find, quite literally, thousands of up-dos online, and every single one of them requires at least one of these three items.

1. Micro-elastics – These tiny clear elastic bands are small enough for braces and strong enough to hold even the most intricate styles. These little bands allow you to hold beautiful braids and fascinating hair mazes. They truly help your ideas come to life. Every beauty bag needs them. They’re amazing.

2. ELNETT Hairspray – I rarely recommend specific brands, stores or companies, but there is no better hairspray on the market than ELNETT. It is expensive ($15 a bottle), but it is a must-have styling tool. It will hold hair perfectly in place until you want that style gone, and then it will disappear with the stoke of a brush. It isn’t sticky, and once you use it, all other hairsprays pale in comparison. It’s a special-occasion must!

3. A curling wand AND glove – We see beautiful wavy hair on every TV personality and Instagram bombshell, and they all achieve it with a hot styling wand AND GLOVE! Don’t even think about wrapping your hair around a 410-degree heat stick without protecting your fingertips with a heat glove. Once you slip on a heat-resistant glove, then you can wrap large or small sections of hair around the wand and hold them there for a few seconds. You’ll have body and waves in minutes flat.

There you have it – my recipe for special-occasion hair. These tools will help you create fabulous hair like a pro! You can do it!

Rain is IN!

Let it RAIN!!

Never has the rain been so fashionable! Sure it ruins your hair, but it doesn’t have to ruin your clothes, your look, or your mood. In fact, with these fabulous fashionable rain finds, you’ll be begging for more April Showers!

Here are three hot trends you can be inspired by!

1. Transparent! I super-love this trend, especially the transparent or clear rain boots! Sure, this is a little like wearing a shower liner, but the idea of showing off your outfit or fabulous socks during a storm is modern, fresh… and a little Judy Jetson! This is on top of my Spring shopping list! Love! Love!





2. Slouchy-Chic! This is cocooning from the storm in a very chic way. From the high gloss slip-on ankle rain boots (that would look good with anything!) to the oversized belted rain swath, this is raiding your guy’s closet for today’s woman. It’s frumpy done right.





3. Brights! No reason to let the rain dull your day! Color has never been more chic when it comes to rain boots and rain coats. Even if this is the ONLY color you have in your wardrobe, if you choose your favorite color for your rain gear, it will always brighten your day!

You can do this!!

Wardrobe Advice


3 Pieces of Wardrobe Advice for all Graduating Seniors!

1. BE AWARE OF YOUR UNDERWEAR – Stylish professional women know the foundation (literally!) of a great look is appropriate underwear. Nothing instantly throws off a look like VPL (visible panty lines) or inappropriate bra straps. Be strategic about what you slip on and why – then do a quick mirror scan in natural light before you leave the house. It’s time to start building a strong foundation garment wardrobe.

2. ACCESSORIES ARE EVERYTHING – Accessories tell the story of your creative spirit and style. Try to have at least one accessory on, whether it’s a statement necklace, a pop-color scarf or an great pair of earrings. Ditch anything childish and start to channel your favorite 30-something.

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE OVERDRESSED – If you’re ever on the fence about what to wear, consider where you’re going and who you’ll see. When in doubt, always err on the side of being too dressy – it’s a big no-no to be the only person in jeans. It’s much better to be remembered for looking fantastic and making the effort.

Pretty in Pink


Yaaaay! Designers have decided we need to be rosy again, and I am thrilled!!

The one overarching color at NY Fashion Week and at the awards shows the season is PINK! Woohoooo!

Cast off your tones of cement and wheat, rethink that black, and put on your rose-colored dresses! Pink is en vogue!

This happy, playful color makes you look young and vibrant. Everyone looks more attractive in rosy tones, so don’t be afraid. The next time you are shopping, push yourself into the pink. It will make you happy and pretty!

Yaaaay color is back!!

Shirt Dress

The IT item of 2017 is the shirt dress!!

Both masculine and feminine, casual, classic and elegant, the shirt dress has been reworked by every designer for 2017.

Whether you wear your boyfriend’s oversized dress shirt, opt to rework a thrift store shirt or save up for a designer creation, the crisp, starched, buttoned-up shirt dress or shirt-as-a-dress is the one super-simple essential you’ll want this year.

We all have versions of this in our closet or our significant other’s closet, so how can you not love this reinvented trend? Add a belt, over-the-knee boots, booties or slides, and you’re comfortable, chic and totally fabulous.

You can do this!


Oscar Style

The ultimate fashion show, the Oscars give designers an opportunity to showcase the best of NY Fashion Week on an even bigger stage.

The one trend that was most obvious and lovely was the rise of necklines! Yes, there were some plungers in the bunch, but many many beautiful actresses wore high neckline dresses with interesting choker details.

This is a beautiful trend that brings a lot of focus to the face and eyes!

Shorter hairstyles and updos look best with higher necklines. As we move into the spring, we can all start to practice our makeup techniques once more, as our mug is sure to get more attention with this designer trend.

So, good news, you’ll be more covered in the coming fashion seasons – bad news, your hair and makeup will certainly become more important.