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Sweat-proof Eye Makeup

Yaaaay summer is here!!
Boooooo my makeup is a sweaty mess!!

So here are my tried and true steps for avoiding sweaty raccoon eyes in the summer months:

You will need regular mascara, waterproof mascara, invisible setting powder and makeup setting spray.

Apply your foundation to your eyelids and concealer under your eyes and set both by dusting invisible powder all over your eye area. Well “set” makeup stays in place and resists moisture!  You cannot skip this step!

Apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner as normal.

Apply regular mascara to the top lashes and waterproof mascara to the bottom lashes only. Waterproof mascara gets clumpy fast and is difficult to remove, causing you to be abrasive when removing it. You only need the waterproof stuff on the bottom, as this will save your delicate eye-area skin AND help keep your lid lashes longer and clump-free with enhancing mascaras.

Lastly, be sure to apply a makeup setting spray during the summer months. This last step is very important and will help all of your makeup stay in place and on, all day!

You can do this!