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Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

You may have seen the videos or heard about the BLACK tooth whitener, charcoal, and perhaps you were totally grossed out, as I was, when those black mouthed pix popped up in your social media feed. Yuck! Hahaha!

When I saw a charcoal toothpaste on sale this past weekend, I decided to try this stuff out for myself. I couldn’t wait to see how it worked.

Activated charcoal, the black stuff, is the ingredient that helps whitens your teeth by aggressively absorbing toxins and stains. Active charcoal is so good at absorbing toxins, that some hospitals use it as a form of poison control. One dose will absorb what your body is rejecting and help flush it right out.

So, surprisingly/not-so-surprisingly, charcoal works wonders when it comes to eliminating tooth and mouth gunk. However, you have to be willing to endure the disgusting two minutes of brushing with this black powdery substance. But if you’re willing… it really does work.

You can find active charcoal capsules in the vitamin aisle at your local grocery store for about $7 or, like me, you can find an active charcoal toothpaste that makes things a little easier. You want to be sure to protect your clothes while you’re brushing, and know that your sink is going to need a cleaning, but again – it works.

For best results, use three days in a row, then once a week for whitening maintenance.