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Protecting Your Boot Investments

We all love boots! Quite often we sacrifice to buy them and spend hours searching for the perfect pair. Once we get them home however, they end up piled in the bottom of our closet in a leather puddle.

Well, there are a few simple and easy ways to create boot shapers that will keep your boots standing upright, help preserve the shape and avoid ankle creases and cracks. Plus they make great DIY gifts for the holidays!!

Boot shapers can easily be made by rolling up old magazines. You can even drop those rolled magazines into wine bags or socks, and tie them off with ribbon!

Empty wine bottles also make great boot shapers, either by themselves or dropped in a bag or sock with a bow.

Pool noodles make ideal boot shapers because you can measure your boots and cut the noodles to the perfect height. If you want to get fancy you can cover the noodles in fabric with hot glue and add a tassel, bow or pom-pom to the top to make things super-sassy.

Large water bottles filled with a cup of beans also make great shapers. You can slip them into socks or wine bags, or cover them with fabric and add a topper for super-cute shaper style.

And believe it or not, stiff plastic placemats, the $.99 kind, make fabulous stuffers. Simply roll them horizontally and load your boots.

The point is, whether you get super-fancy or simply grab some old rolled up magazines, there is no reason to let your boots fall over and loose any life. Protect your investment with a boot shaper and your boots will look much better for years to come.