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Modern Pearls

I would guess that every woman in America understands the classic appeal of pearls. They’ve been the ultimate gift of love and beauty for generations, and I’d bet most women have a set that’s been handed down to them.

But the latest pearl rush is all about embellishments and encrusting. All of your wardrobe basics, from flip-flops to sweaters, can be upcycled with pearl embellishments.

You can find these beautiful items in stores, or better yet, you can create your own fashion fabulousness with a bag of pearl beads and a needle and thread.

Pearls add an immediate dose of sophistication and feminine polish to anything, so think about how you can reinvent a great holiday look with the addition of some pearl beads. This is easy to do while watching TV on a weeknight. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can be fun!

You can do this!