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Cost Per Wear

The ultimate justification mechanism, CPW encourages the splurge on higher-ticket items that you love and will see more use, over less expensive items that you only half-heartedly like and will be used a couple of times.

Cost Per Wear is the calculation of the price divided by the number of days you’ll use it.

For example, an expensive $500 coat that you’ll use for 100 days for 2 years has a CPW of $2.50. But a cheap coat that costs $75, isn’t as nice, and that you’ll only wear a couple times a year for 2 years has a CPW of $15 per wear. So what’s the better bargain??

CPW encourages you to buy fewer items, buy ones that you love, and wear them more often. This is especially true of major purchases that seem unaffordable and too expensive to enjoy.

Something to consider as you do your holiday shopping!