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Appalachian Wildlife Rescue Needs Your Old Mascara

Do you have old mascara laying around?  If it’s been opened and is older than 3 months, you probably need to toss it.

But wait!

There is a real need for old mascara wands at the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge!

They use sterilized mascara wands to remove flea eggs and larva from baby animals and birds. The close bristles are perfect for gently grooming the tiny animals without causing harm.

Simply clean off your mascara wands in hot soapy water and drop them in the mail to:

Appalachian Wild

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland, NC 28776

This is the perfect excuse for getting rid of the old mascaras that could be potentially harmful to your eyes. Put them to good use and buy new mascara, guilt-free!