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Summer Chic Skirts

Summer Chic SKIRTS!

My personal summer style is all about cool, easy dresses, but this year, designers have made a distinctive shift and offered up a bevi of amazing, gorgeous, artistic SKIRTS that are hard to resist!

Many of us avoid skirts, because they can be hard to pair with tops, sweaters or jackets. But I have a basic formula for these beautiful full, artsy, skirt styles.

Just let the skirt and shoes do the talking!  When it comes to wearing a full midi-skirt, or ball skirt style, keep your top very simple and, dare I say, casual. A simple tank top or fitted tee-shirt is all you need when you have a skirt that wows!

Flirty skirts pull focus to your legs and feet, so you want to be purposeful and striking when it comes to your shoe choice.

So buy the skirt!  Wear the shoes! Get ready to feel young and girly, and enjoy the summer of the skirt!!

You can do this!