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Special-Occasion Hair

It’s HAIR SEASON! Hahaha!

I know that sounds funny, but this is the time of year that we start to shed our winter hats and think about special-occasion hair!

Whether it is prom, a wedding, graduation, vacation, The Derby, or family celebration, we all have something coming up that requires a little something special when it comes to our locks.

So I want to give you my 3 tools for fabulous special-occasion hair. You’ll find, quite literally, thousands of up-dos online, and every single one of them requires at least one of these three items.

1. Micro-elastics – These tiny clear elastic bands are small enough for braces and strong enough to hold even the most intricate styles. These little bands allow you to hold beautiful braids and fascinating hair mazes. They truly help your ideas come to life. Every beauty bag needs them. They’re amazing.

2. ELNETT Hairspray – I rarely recommend specific brands, stores or companies, but there is no better hairspray on the market than ELNETT. It is expensive ($15 a bottle), but it is a must-have styling tool. It will hold hair perfectly in place until you want that style gone, and then it will disappear with the stoke of a brush. It isn’t sticky, and once you use it, all other hairsprays pale in comparison. It’s a special-occasion must!

3. A curling wand AND glove – We see beautiful wavy hair on every TV personality and Instagram bombshell, and they all achieve it with a hot styling wand AND GLOVE! Don’t even think about wrapping your hair around a 410-degree heat stick without protecting your fingertips with a heat glove. Once you slip on a heat-resistant glove, then you can wrap large or small sections of hair around the wand and hold them there for a few seconds. You’ll have body and waves in minutes flat.

There you have it – my recipe for special-occasion hair. These tools will help you create fabulous hair like a pro! You can do it!