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What to Wear in the Kitchen this Season!

The holidays are upon us and many of us are hosting well thought out events for our friends and family in the coming weeks. We’ve planned the menus, the flowers, hors devours, drinks and desserts. The house looks great and everything is perfect… so what are you going to wear knowing you’ll be in the kitchen all day!??  You need something that is comfortable yet polished, casual yet stylish, chic yet unaffected… plus you may have to cook all day in it. So here is your answer : the sweater dress!

This fabulous, comfy classic is perfect for holiday affairs at your house or anywhere for that matter.  You can throw it on right before company arrives or first thing in the morning.  Simply add a pair of suede boots, and a statement necklace or scarf with a basic updo, and you are hostess chic in minutes.

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Plus there is nothing binding your tummy in a sweater dress, so you can enjoy your meal to its fullest.

This look easily works with flat or low heel boots, so don’t think you need to walk around your kitchen all day in stilettos and don’t be afraid of wearing a cute apron while you’re cooking.  An apron can be adorable, just don’t sit down to the dinner table with it on.

There is no reason to look frumpy when hosting. Give your outfit just a little thought and planning. Have it laid out, so you can throw it on in less than 5 minutes and enjoy all of the compliments you’ll receive when you and everything you’ve created is fabulous.

You can do it!