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Waist Training!


Celebrities and designers alike have brought a lot of focus to the waistline for the past few seasons. An hourglass shape has become the major goal of ladies world wide as clothing and accessories place more and more emphasis on a tiny waist.  This trend is not going away, as designers have rolled out even more waist framing fashions for 2016.

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There are arguments both for and against waist manipulation or “training” with many ladies reporting better posture, strengthened muscles, reduced appetite, faster pregnancy recovery and loss of water weight, while others complain of organ shifting, bruising, digestive issues, etc.
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With everything I’ve read, it seems as if you take it slow, don’t force any pain and have realistic goals, this could be helpful for many of us, especially for the upcoming holiday season. I for one, have ordered a waist trainer and I’ll be trying it out through New Years. I think this could help me make better food choices and look better in my soirée dresses.
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There are dozens of devices on the market to assist with waist training, with trainers running from $10 to $200. If you read reviews, you’ll find that spending more does not especially get you better results. I opted for a $40 version. If it helps prevent a 5lb. holiday pudge, it’s totally worth it.

Let’s try it. I’ll update you on my results.