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Belted Scarves!!!

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How many scarves do you have?  2 dozen? 3 dozen?… more?

For the past decade we have all been collecting scarves like lucky pennies. We wear them every season and rely on them to modernize, camouflage and accessorize.  But there is yet a new way to wear your old scarves that looks fresh and shapely.  Once more our scarves can be the “go to” accessory to update our old stuff. All we need this time is a belt.

Simply belt your scarves.

Wrap longer scarves around your back/neck and instead of letting the ends drop in front of you, capture them at your waist with a belt. This creates the silhouette of a vest or top and looks terrific under over coats or simply on top of basic tees and jeans.

This can be done with both thicker blanket scarves and silkier versions. The point is to create shape at the waist while adding texture, color and pattern to any outfit.  I love this look and it couldn’t be more thrifty or chic. Total cost – NOTHING!  Just use what you already have!

You can do it!!