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Sock and Sandals – Nerdy No More!

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The hottest shoe-bootie look this season is not found in the shoes department, it’s found in socks!  Designers created the look of chic booties using both colorful and neutral socks for fall.  Everything from short and thin to tall and thick, slouchy and cuffed, the look is all about creating textured, layered ankle boots or booties.

I love this look because it extends the life of my favorite open-toed summer shoes. I can wear them well into autumn with socks. I also love the “warm plus ventilation” created by socks and sandals.  Additionally, you can create hundreds of new and different looks with the shoes you already have, just by adding fabulous cheap socks. This is an amazingly inexpensive way to get “new” shoes.

If you’re hesitant, try the black on black version.  Black socks with black open-toed shoes or sandals. You’ll be amazed at how great it looks.  Socks and sandals are nerdy no more!

You can do this!!

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