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Autumn Bangs!


This time of year, we return to thoughts of our hair cut. We spent the summer growing our hair so we could rock a cute pony or top knot, we added highlights and waves to give us a beachy, sun-kissed look and we spent most of our time deconstructing our “do”, in an effort to look effortlessly chic.

But in the fall, we return to thoughts of a real hair cut and a more styled look. These thoughts often turn into a yearning for… bangs!

photo 1 (6)
Should I do it?  They are so hard to grow out!  Will I hate it?  Will they drive me crazy?  Will I look younger?  Will I look like an idiot?  They can’t be too thick!  But just a few hairs looks stupid!  I need to commit.

image (8)
Well actually, you don’t have to commit. Clip on bangs are one of my favorite things. You can change your look in seconds flat and even make your own bangs at home with a row of hair extensions from the beauty supply store. You want to make sure you match your hair perfectly, then just part it and pop them in.

image (9)

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and suggestions on my Pinterest page, so don’t go under the scissors, until you’ve given some clip on bangs a test drive.

Halloween or vacation is a great time to get more creative with your do and add some bangs to change up your look. Clip on bangs are a cheap and easy solution to your desire for different. You can do it.