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Your Halloween Friend… Duct Tape!

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Since the makers of Duct Tape figured out that we wanted this sticky, fabric-like wonder in every color of the rainbow, the creativity and possibilities supplied by a roll of tape have become ENDLESS!  ENDLESS!

There are Duct Tape tuxedos, purses, kid-caves and truck liners. But All Hallows’  Eve brings out the most creative of all uses, as we all don costumes, and morph into super heroes, skeletons and silly fun creatures. Anything that can be purchased at a costume store can be made with Duct Tape and often at a cheaper price.

My favorite, duct tape use is to create boots. If your costume requires a fabulous pair of red, purple or green boots, don’t fret…make them out of Duct Tape. Need a unicorn horn, Maleficent headdress, power arm bands or a robot dress… USE DUCT TAPE!

Yep!  Your Halloween solution comes in a roll, 100 colors and costs less that $4. You’re welcome!

Have fun out there!!!