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Trucker Face!

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Trucker Face!

Do you have a “good side”?  We all do. A side that looks the most flattering in photos and on film. After working with celebrities for years, dressing them, making them up, and preparing them to look fabulous for events, I began to notice that most people look best when shot from the right, having the camera capture their right side.  This isn’t the truth for everyone of course, but many many people look best when captured from their right.

Well, several years ago I read an article about a life long trucker who never wore sunblock and the difference in his right and left sides were shocking. The sun beating down on his LEFT side while driving for years had extremely aged that side, while the right side of his face, neck and arms were more appropriately aged.

I was floored!  This is why most of my clients look best from the right!  LA traffic was slowly causing TRUCKER FACE!  All of my clients looked more aged and droopy on the sun exposed side. They looked younger and line-less on their RIGHT, the less exposed side.

So, as we all set out on summer road trips and plan to be in the car in the hot summer sun, pay very close attention to your sunscreen application. Double coat the entire left side of your body.  Your arms, legs and of course your face on your left side need extra attention as it is being more exposed as you sit in the drivers seat of your car.