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Beach Waves with a Flat Iron!

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As we plan for summer vacations and getaways, no need to pack every gosh darn hair tool you own. You can achieve gorgeous beach-y waves with the help of your flat iron.

Wavy hair is easier to achieve than you may think. We all know that you can get wavy hair by braiding it wet and letting it dry.  So it would make sense that you can achieve the same result on dry hair, just by adding heat.

Divide your hair in three or four quick loose braids and run your flat iron over the braid. Spray your braids and then take it down. It’s just that simple.

Another quick option is to skip the braid all together and just twist hair sections into long rows. Then take your flatiron and run it up and down the twists. The heat will lock in the waves.

So stop saving your flat iron for stick straight styles. You can get what ever look you want with very little effort.

You can do it.