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Some of us remember the wonderful stinky, sweaty summer feet of our youth, wrapped in colorful and fun jelly shoes, also know as rubber shoes. They were cheap, came in every color of the rainbow and were fast summer slip-ons that everyone loved. We all ignored the sweaty mess, because your could just wash your shoes right along with your feet.

Well designers have taken the fond memories of jelly shoes and reinvented them in both super high-end chic heels and budget friendly, colorful flats….and they are the hottest shoes of summer.

Many designers showed jellies with colorful socks, creating a nerdy socks and sandal look that is whimsical and unexpected.  The socks also help with warmth and ventilation – Hahahah!  They actually look really great with rompers and skater skirts.

So if you are looking for some cheap shoe thrills this season, slide your tootsies into some jellies. And go bold with the color. It’s like being a kid again!