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Leg Makeup!

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With shorts season in full swing, I wanted to revisit my favorite leg fix!

We all want flawless legs, but let’s face it, shaving, bruising, veins and discoloration can make us feel less than confident when considering wearing a shorter skirt or shorts. No need to hide your legs under pants all summer, spray on some leg make up!

Sally Hansen still makes my favorite formula, and many brands have tried to piggy back on their success.  You can find these spray cans at any drug store or big box store for about $13 and it will change your life. It dries completely and is basically water proof/rain proof. I always apply in the shower, so the spray is contained and can be easily washed way from the walls and floor. Once you spray your legs, use your hands to rub everything in and perfect the results.

Sally Hansen has leg makeup in a tube, but the spray formula is still the best in my opinion. Wash the nozzle when you’re done to keep it unclogged, so you can make it to the bottom of the can! Enjoy sporting those gams!!