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I love when the weather changes and we can slip our legs into supportive, style affirming tights! Great tights let you get away with shorter skirts and add a layer of texture, style and warmth to your outfit.

But there is nothing worse than being out in your cute ensemble, loving your tights, and then…pow! Your outfit is ruined by a run in your $25 tights! HATE THAT!

So here’s what we all need to do when we get a new pair of tights.


image003Yep! Take them right out of the package, briefly soak them in water and place them in a plastic bag in the freezer. Let them freeze overnight.

Take your tights out the next day and let them thaw out and hang dry.
You are now ready to enjoy your tights for many more wearings and with a greatly reduced chance of runs.

The freezing actually reinforces the fibers and helps prevent runs and picks. This works like a charm, but only on tights that haven’t been worn or stretched out yet.

So, considering it’s stock-up time for your tights wardrobe, remember to freeze them first and you’ll be able to enjoy them for seasons to come.

You can do this!!