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The Choker

A simple, thrifty shift for modern fresh style!

Every season there are a few simple changes that can be made that will freshen your look and keep you current. Whether it’s adding a hat, cuffing your jeans with booties, blanket scarves, wanding your hair for waves….etc. These were all simple changes that went a long way to keeping you “in the know!”


This fall, that shift is the choker! Every designer showed some form of embellishment high on the neck, whether it was a simple black ribbon tied at the neck, a bandana scarf, layers of necklaces that include a choker or a large statement choker all by itself…when it comes to accessories this season, it’s all about the neck!

Lavish the neck with some fashion love. We ALL have scarves, necklaces, beads and ribbons that can be transformed into runway inspirations when paired with the right outfit. That’s what I love, love, love about this tip. We can all do it, we all have these things and it’s easy, easy, easy!!

When getting dressed…don’t forget your neck! You can do this.