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Motorcycle Jacket


It’s time to dust off that motorcycle jacket!

Did you have a black leather motorcycle jacket in the 90’s? We all did! And if you weren’t born until after the 90’s, listen up, your parents probably have a fabulous Moto jacket hidden in their closet, so go dig it out!

Yep, the moto jacket is having a new moment.

I literally got mine out and gave it a sponge bath! Designers showed moto-inspired outerwear for the upcoming seasons and everyone in NYC has done an attic dive to awaken the 90’s chic within.

Just like last year’s field jacket, the moto is the “with everything” go-to jacket that offers an edgy, urban feel to every outfit. Everything from jeans and sneaks to dresses and heels. When you’re reaching for outerwear, grab your moto for a fresh new vibe!!

moto1And if you don’t have one, you can find gorgeous options in stores. Go ahead and buy a nice one, you’ll enjoy pulling it out every few years for a NEW moto moment!!


XO ~ A