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Arm Knitting


If you haven’t heard about arm knitting you have probably seen the gorgeous results in stores! ARM knitting uses yarns that are as fat as Naval rope and allow you to make super plush, luxe, chunky warm items in minutes flat.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, or if you’d love to shower your family with home made items for the holidays, this is the hobby for you!
You can create a scarf in a half hour and a full size blanket in two hours. And the motions and movements are relaxing and easy to learn. YouTube is full of tutorials and of course you’ll want to start with a scarf; which is great because a nubby, textured scarf looks great with season bombers and moto jackets.

This is fabulous on all levels, because you can enjoy trendy, satisfying results with little time commitment. Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas and links to find affordable yarns.

You can do this!