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It’s time to get ready for winter! The temperature is dropping and we are all looking forward to cozy times in our favorite warm knits.

I protect all of my winter favorites each year by packing them away in either my cedar closet or, when necessary, in moth balls! Yep! I use mothballs. It only takes one ruined sweater for me to curse those darn bugs and head to the store for a bucket of mothballs. I’m not going to let moths ruin my investments, so I fight back.

Now we all know what this decision means. My winter clothes will inevitably smell like… MOTHBALLS, when I unpack them each fall.

If you scour the internet, you will learn that one of the most effective ways to remove the smell of mothballs is a vinegar bath. Soaking items in vinegar will certainly do the trick. But what about leather coats and cashmere? Do you really want to soak these fine fabrics in vinegar? Probably not.

So what’s the solution?


The SUN!

Yep! The mothball smell is actually a GAS. And the most effective way to remove the gas is through evaporation with the SUN!

I’m not just talking about leaving the item outside. Nope! A shady outdoor spot will NOT DO! You have to put the item in direct sunlight for a few hours, and then, you will be completely amazed. The sun will dry up all remnants of the smell.

So go unpack. You will want to “sun” all of your winter clothes before the sun’s rays weaken as winter fully sets in. You can do this!!