Beauty & Style Products and Advice from Celebrity Stylist Andy Paige

These 3 things will have you party-ready in seconds!

The 3 things to keep in your work bag that will allow you to say YES to every party invitation this season!!

No reason to say no to an unexpected gathering – keep these three things at the ready and you’ll always look fabulous and holiday party perfect… even if you’re coming from the gym!

1. Red lipstick! This one cosmetic item brightens your entire face, whitens your teeth and creates a holiday look in seconds. Find your favorite red and keep it in your bag!

2. Red shoes! Yes, add red shoes to any basic look and boom, you’ve got high wattage style with very little effort. If you can rock some heels, great. If you’re a flats girl, no sweat, just make them red and you’ll still look up-leveled and special.

3. Statement jewelry! Pack something oversized and sparkly. Just one thing. Choose earrings, a necklace OR a brooch and make it something you wouldn’t wear every day or perhaps any other time of year.

By adding these three simple things, you can take even jeans and a sweatshirt to a party appropriate level. No reason to say no! Just add and go!!! Have some fun!

You can do it!