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Favorite Gifts Under $10

Favorite gifts under $10!

We all have people in our lives who deserve a little remembering this holiday season. Smaller gestures are sometimes the most difficult, because you want to reflect some thought without breaking the bank, forcing intimacy or phoning it in with a gift card.

I wanted to share my three favorite gifts for under $10 this year that will reflect effort, thought and fabulous style.

1. Ponytail Cuff!

This fabulous little piece of jewelry for your hair turns a bad hair day into a chic chignon in seconds. It’s like a bracelet cuff for your ponytail and it elevates your your whole look effortlessly. I have one and I love it! If you have girls in your life who rock a ponytail for work or play, they will super love a ponytail cuff.

2. The iRing®

This attachable kickstand/finger ring for the back of your phone helps you both hold on to your phone and prop it up for video viewing or FaceTiming. It can also be used with a lanyard to carry your phone around your neck. It seems like a small thing, but it’s fabulously handy and both men and women will enjoy it. It quickly becomes a necessity.

3. Zipstick® Retractable Lip Balm

If you ski, bike, run, have chronic chapped lips or just want your lip balm at the ready, the Zipstick is a MUST MUST MUST! This zipper pull with retractable cable allows you to WEAR your Chapstick tube on any zipper or hook, keeping it super handy and accessible all the time. Both men and women will love this gift, as it alleviates the pocket dig when you’re active, and the retractable cable allows you to apply and zip back into place hassle free. Makes a great gift and super stocking stuffer.