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How To Keep Your Pants In Your Boots

Three solutions to a first-world problem that drives me insane!

I love the look of slim jeans tucked into my boots, and I especially love the look of over-the-knee boots with slim jeans, but I hate when my pant legs start to ride up and gather at my knee. I prefer the smooth look you get when you first slip into those boots and jeans.

So how do you keep your jeans tucked into your golly gosh darn boots?

Here are three solutions.

1. BOOT SNUGS – These suspenders-for-your-feet snap onto each side of the bottom of your pant legs. The strap reaches under the arch or your foot and holds your pants in place all night long. I love these, however the metal suspender part can rub and get uncomfortable in tight boots.






2. BOOT STRAPS – Basically a nice Velcro band that allows you to snugly hold the bottom of your pants legs and press them tight to your body. I like these, but that brings me to my super favorite thrifty solution…






3. DUCT TAPE! Yep, just put on your pants and add a snug double layer of duct tape to the base of your pant legs. The tape will hold your pants in place comfortably and they will not ride up in your boots!