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The Perfect Ponytail


The Perfect Ponytail

Every woman knows there are ponytails and then there are hot, sexy, spunky, how-did-she-do-that ponytails. And with spring just around the corner, the perfect ponytail is a quick, fashionable option that makes you look young and fun in minutes flat.

The perfect ponytail is done in two parts. Separate the top and slick the bottom back in a tight ponytail fastened with a hair bungee. Tease and spray the top and brush it back into the already fastened ponytail. Take a second hair bungee and secure all of your hair. Wrap a small piece of hair around the ponytail base, spray and fasten with a bobby pin.

The key to all of this is the hair bungee. These elastic strips with hooks allow you to get your hair perfect without pulling it through an elastic. You can find these on line or at a beauty supply.

You can do it!

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