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Straw Envy


Straw Envy

I have been on a diet FOREVER and I just found out my straw is making me FAT! Uggh… Yeah, that’s right. My straw is making me fat!

I have been ordering my favorite hot tea from a certain coffee/tea house and getting one of those big green straws to sip my hot beverage so it doesn’t stain my teeth or ruin my lipstick. Come to find out the big green disposable straw and the sippy lid has BPA which is a carcinogen that leaches out of the plastic when it gets hot and causes cancer.  But BPA also  causes you to hold onto FAT!  YES!  Heated plastic with BPA makes you FAT!

I discovered Straw Envy, BPA free, Be-Dazzled, reusable, personal drinking straws at a big trade show and I am hooked. Come to find out, 500 MILLION drinking straws are thrown away every day and many cities are banning them because so many are getting into the water system and ocean. My personal tricked out straws with fashionable carrying case, protects the environment, my teeth, my health and my fat cells from hoarding!  I love it.

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