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Salt Stained Boots


Salt Stained Boots

We’ve all come to appreciate and value salt this winter as Mother Nature keeps spitting ice and snow at us every other day. But that skid-proof friend that we appreciate seeing on a snowy sidewalk is horrible on your leather and suede boots….Hello, are your UGGs lookin’ rough or what? The salt can crack the leather and fade the color of your shoes, so we need to get that off of there.

Here is all you need to remove the salt without ruining the leather.  Simply add one table spoon of white vinegar to one cup of water and apply with a lint free cloth, cotton ball or brush. The acid in the vinegar will cut and dissolve the salt without harming your leather. Let your shoes dry naturally or better yet with shoe forms in them, and you’re all set.

After they dry if your leather looks faded, rub a banana peel on it to bring the color back to life.  It’s super easy and your shoes are worth the effort!

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