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The Perfect Dress

Sometimes looking for an “appropriate” dress for a wedding or special occasion makes you feel like grandma Mosley!…When did everything get so short and why is that cut down to there????IMG_4989

It’s pretty easy to find a tarty dress, but finding something tea length or cut to the knee, with a modest bust line and for heaven sakes, sleeves, is like searching for a rainbow unicorn…it only exists in your minds eye or fairy tales.

So here is what you do….you shop for long dresses!  Yes, long dresses.

Long dresses are usually cut more modestly and can easily be hemmed to the length that you choose. A gorgeous tea length 8″-12″ off the floor is perfect for a special occasion and to the knee never goes out of style.   This isn’t rocket science, but ladies forget that the perfect length is just a tailor visit away.IMG_4987

You can always find long dresses on sale after New Year’s and wedding season and that’s when you want to pounce for the best bargains. You can usual get something hemmed for around $25-$30, and you could very well may spend that in gas looking for an appropriate, pretty dress.

So stop looking for a short dress, focus on the long ones and plan to cut it off. Trust me, it’s a huge time saver and you’ll be much happier with the selections.