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Silica Gel Packs

IMG_5037You know those pesky little white packs of Silica Gel that come in every pair of shoes, handbags, medicine, etc. they are always in the boxes, you find them everywhere. The Silica Gel packaging directs you to THROW AWAY & DO NOT EAT! Okay, no problem. 99% of us do and think nothing of it.

But what are they for, how else can they be used and do we indeed need to throw them away??

I always thought that they were toxic, but actually they are not toxic and serve a great purpose as each little bead has the ability to absorb 4 times its weigh in moisture. So REUSING these little packets in moisture prone areas can be hugely beneficial in many scenarios.

Adding Silica Gel packs to any area that is moisture, mold or bacteria prone is an easy and fabulous way to preserve or extend the life of your items. Adding Silica Gel packs to a silver chest, can keep it from tarnishing, a file drawer can save documents and photos, a tool bag can prevent rust and a refrigerator drawer can prevent food from spoiling. Yep! Amazing right. Especially for high humidity climates.

IMG_5035But my favorite use for the little packs, a gym bag or gym shoe deodorizer! If after you use your gym shoes, you’ll add a couple of Silica Gel packs to your trainers and gym bag, you can prevent them from smelling! In fact you can add them to any shoes to help with this.

Ahhhh — I will never throw these packs away again! They are going in every shoe my hubby owns!!! Know what I’m saying ladies?

So there ya go. Start saving these little buggers and preserve your shoes, documents, tools, makeup, food, etc. They are not toxic and they can save you $$$!

You can do it!