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Pastel Cranial Plumage!

We’ve all noticed the latest hair color trend…yes, you can now have a head of sherbet-colored locks, Easter-egg inspired up-dos and strands reminiscent of a desert sunset. The “sky blue” is truly the limit when it comes to choosing your hair color these days, and ladies are loving the new coloring box they get to create with.IMG_5024

But what does this trend mean for the health of your hair, and who is best suited to keep up this fun look?

The truth of this trend is that most of us will have to have our hair lightened – as in, bleached – to achieve a no-color clean slate that will accept and create the vibrant hair color that we’re hoping for. Yes, we have to remove the dark hair we have with bleach and then add the color we want.  Purple please!! (*wink*)

This is considered a “pastel” hair trend because it’s actually impossible to keep the original vibrant color we want.  With every washing, the color fades more and more. It actually fades into a pastel tone, but it starts much darker and more vibrant.image1

Most hairdressers confess that maintenance of the new color trend takes a bit more work than usual, because the color is in a constant state of fade.  Touch-ups for pastel shades are recommended every two weeks versus every 4-6 weeks with regular, traditional color.

The other thing to consider with going pastel is, when you’re tired of the color and want to shift back to traditional colors, your hair is still damaged underneath. Just because we dye our hair back to a darker shade, does not mean that it’s back to a healthy state. Every inch of hair that was bleached to create your pastel locks will forever remain damaged from the bleach and need more care. So if you have long hair, know that every inch will be texturally different for the lifetime of that hair — until it is cut off.

So, I love this trend, it’s super fun, cra cra adorbs…and now you know the truth. It’s expensive, damaging, time-consuming, and results in a permanent new hair texture that will need more support.

My thoughts —

I’m trying a wig first!!