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Feel More Springy!

Three simple changes to help you feel more springy – right now!

It’s barely officially spring, but we are all feeling the warmer weather itch and aching to shed the heft of winter. So here are three simple things that can support you in bridging the seasons with style – right now – today!

image1First, shift to a summer or spring weight scarf. Nothing wool, cashmere, or knit. Pick up gauzy fabrics and scarves that are SKINNY! Yes, skinny scarves are the big trend this season, so choose something tapered and less bulky than anything we swathed ourselves in this past winter.

image2Second, frame your face with a few highlights. This one, inexpensive shift can make you look years younger and feel like you’ve been to the beach. Just a few brushed-on highlights in the hair around your face can change everything. You can do this with a basic box of color and an old toothbrush. Of course if you’re headed to the hair salon anyway, go ahead and ask for a couple of foils – but honestly, this can be done at home for $10 and in about 30 minutes. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube. When it comes to simple highlights, start with just a few, wash, rinse, dry and add more if you like. It’s much better to build up than to do too much at once. You can keep your color mixture until you’ve achieved what you like.

The final Spring tip: add an accessory in a trendy spring hue to anything you’re wearing! Peach, fresh greens, yellow and sea blues are beautiful spring shades, and when paired with the earth tones of winter, make everything look updated and fresh. Put down the dark colored bag, shoes, jewelry and go ahead and reach for color instead. You’ll feel uplifted and “springy” all day long.image3

You can do this!