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Sweat Stains!

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Not a fun topic… but a really important one to discuss now that prom, graduation, weddings and festivals are right around the corner. You’ll need a special dress, you’ll probably dance, it’ll be hot and boom… you’re an embarrassing sweaty mess.

So I wanted to talk to you about an old modeling trick that has become even better with new technology. Models were always taught to use “dress shields” years ago, which were small round pieces of cotton fabric that you wore under your arm pits to protect the sample garments from your perspiration.

Models transitioned from dress shields to using thin cheap panty liners because they were easier to use, stayed in place and offered additional freshness. You could simply cut them to whatever size you needed. They are great for saving your clothes from sweat effects.

Now a days, you can find BLACK PANTY LINERS!  Yes!  Black ones!  So you can pop these into your leather jacket, black silk top, navy cardigan, and boyfriend jacket and no one will notice when you take that off later.

These are awesome for keeping you and your clothes fresh as a daisy in the hot months and you’ll love the cost savings in dry cleaning!  Give it a try.  You’ll love it.