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Spring CLOSET Cleaning!


Yep, it’s hard, often painful and it feels sooooo good! It’s time to get rid of the things you haven’t worn for a year and are holding you back from having the “wardrobe workforce” you deserve.

We start by making 4 piles:

The DONATES are your ability to make some wardrobe capital by consigning them, selling them on Ebay or getting a tax credit.

The CONTEMPLATES are the garments you haven’t worn all year, and you don’t want to part with them just yet. Turn the hangers around on each of these garments when you put them back in your closet. The next time you do a closet weed it will be easy to see what needs to be thrown away. All the garments with the hangers facing you, have not been worn in months. Move them to DONATE.

The RECREATE pile is for garments that can be altered for less than $20 and made into a functional part of your wardrobe. If it’s more than $20 to make a shift, give it a lot of thought. You might be better off DONATING.

The last pile is the most important,  FITS ME GREAT. This is your wardrobe. The truth of what you really have. For most people this is only 20-25% of what’s in their closet.

Stop being fooled and haunted by all that hangs in your closet. Remove all the emotional baggage of unworn stuff and move on to building a wardrobe that empowers you.

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