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Homemade All-Natural Self Tanner!

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Okay, we all agree that it’s been a very long winter and we are desperate for some sunshine… especially the colorful kind. Our legs are cotton-ball white and we can’t even think about trying on a bathing suit or shorts with skin that is boarder line blue.

I have an at-home self tanner that will offer quick, all-natural results and help you over this spring bridge to a little safe Vitamin D bathing.

It’s easy. Simply boil 16 oz. of water and add 8 to 16 tea bags with one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract. Let this cool completely and add it to a spray bottle. Then simply spray and rub in the mixture to legs, arms and body. For deeper color use more tea bags.

You’ll get the best results if you exfoliate and moisturize first.  This simple, all-natural self tanner is easy to work with and to build a deeper color, just layer it. Allow each layer to dry and apply a new coat for a deeper color.

I’m not saying this will give you a Bahama Mama tan, but this will certainly keep embarrassment at bay if your ghostly gams are keeping you in jeans. Plus, it’s easy and cheap to try.  You can do it.