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Spring Scarves!

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Would someone please tell Mother Nature it’s SPRING!  Why oh why is the thermometer still taunting us with freezing temperatures when we are all dying to expose out toes and shed our black winter cloak. Uggghh!  I have had enough!

If you are feeling the same, here is a small way to bring spring into your wardrobe while you still need the warmth. (Insert rolly eyes!)

Shift from a wool or knitted scarf, to a large oversized cotton or linen one and choose a great floral or bright print while you’re at it.  Don’t go small, think sarong size scarf, so you can use it for swimsuits as well!

You can find these in stores everywhere and in every imaginable color and print, so choose something bright and fresh. The shift out of woollies will give you hope and offer a fabulous burst of spring zing, while still offering the swaddling warmth you need.

This week I’ve made the swap and I feel so much better. Yes, I still need my coat, but my scarf reminds me it’s officially spring gosh darn it!!