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Spring Scarf Tops!

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So how many old silk and cotton scarves do you have sitting in your drawers or hanging in your closet??  My guess is a dozen or more. Scarves are the accessory that we never get rid of and many if us have our mom’s or grand mom’s scarves as well.

This season one of the hottest trends is scarf tops and scarf kimono/shrugs. Getting creative with these gorgeous fabric squares is fun, easy and you have a stack of them calling your name.

All you really need is a scarf, a needle and thread…and sometimes not even that.

You can use two coordinating scarves of the same size to create a caftan top, you can add a couple of stitches to a single oversized scarf to create a kimono or you can tie a scarf around your neck and at your waist to create a fabulous cowl neck top.

Add shorts, skirts and sandals and you’ll have a gypsy chic look that would cost hundreds in boho boutiques.

You can do it.  Have fun!!