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Give yourself a trim. Save some cash!

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I read this tip years ago in Seventeen magazine about how to trim your long layered hair and I’ve used this method ever since. It’s actually brilliant and it saves me at least three visits to the salon a year!

If you have long layered hair, this trick will preserve your layers and take care of your split ends in seconds flat. It’s especially good in the summer when hair grows faster and takes a beating from sand/salt/chlorine. So here it is.

With freshly washed and conditioned wet hair, comb everything forward towards your eyes. Make sure it’s all smooth and tangle free. Bring it all forward and twist your entire head of hair to the right in a tight twist. Make it neat. Once it is twisted to a point, cut 1″- 2″ off the bottom straight across with one blunt cut. Now let that go.

Once again brush everything forward, but this time twist¬† your hair to the left into a tight twist. Once you have a point, cut another 1″- 2″ off the bottom in one blunt cut.

That’s it. Now you can brush your hair back and style as usual split end free.

The twist in each direction with the blunt chop at the bottom creates long healthy layers that are perfectly balanced as long as you twist just as tight in each direction.¬† This trim trick really doesn’t effect the length but it does take care of split ends and stringiness.

If your like me, it’s tough to leave the salon without spending $100, so by doing this myself every other month or so, I am able to save $300-$400 a year. Woohoo!

Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised at how great this works. You can do it.