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You knew it was going to happen. The minute Angelina Jolie’s leg plunging forcefully out of her Oscar dress got it’s own Facebook page, the writing was written on the 2014 fashion wall.  Yep….SLITS ARE HUGE!

Long, revealing slits on all styles of skirts are popular.  Straight, high waisted styles as well as full and A-line skirts can be modernized by adding a slit!

Now for the thrifty-fashion leaders out there, this is incredible news.  ANY old, under-used skirt can be given new life with a pair of scissors or seam ripper and a few stitches. If your skirt’s side or center seam has a surged edge -meaning the edges have been finished by a machine, it can simply be snipped and a stop stitch can be added to the length you are most comfortable with. This is not hard ladies!  But, if this seems like scary terrain, you can surely have this done by a seamstress for less than $10.

So go shopping in your closet and pick out a ‘new’ skirt to slit….you’ll be looking like a million without spending a fortune.  Happy Fall!