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There is a growing national debate about leggings. Many schools have banned them, articles have been written on both the pro and con side of the legging debate and just last week there was an official legging protest from women and girls standing up to the legging ban in one school district.

So what’s the big deal….well leggings are a cousin of tights and hosiery.  They are NOT pants!  And this is the problem.  The addiction to comfort has started to cloud our better judgement. I mean would you wear pantyhose and blouse to work or school??  I hope not.  I hope you would add some sort of curtain to your lady stuff, like a skirt or dress.

Well, leggings are like pantyhose or tights.

You need to add a layer that at least falls at fingertip length. This can be a any kind of top, sweater, mini skirt, dress or jacket, but at least one layer needs to shade your junk!

So the truth about the legging debate, is not that they should be banned, it’s that they should be worn the right way. When you slip in to a pair of leggings and put together your outfit, ask your self this question. Would I go out in public in this if these leggings were pantyhose? If you would not wear the outfit with just pantyhose…then you need to add a longer layer.

Big sugar!