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Shine-free Summer Face

IMG_5522The thermometer is slowly, slowly creeping up and we’re headed for summer weddings, reunions, graduations and vacations at which we’d like to look fresh and lovely and not sweaty & oily. So what’s a girl to do? — try some Milk of Magnesia!!

Yep! Milk of Magnesia.

By using M.O.M. as a makeup primer, you can keep your skin, face and makeup looking matte through the sweatiest of occasions. That’s right, Milk of Magnesia as a makeup primer!

Simply soak a cotton pad with M.O.M. and wipe it over your t-zone and other shine prone areas, then let it dry. If it’s a little chalky, don’t worry, add your regular primer or foundation and apply your makeup as normal.

The M.O.M. penetrates the skin and offers a temporary barrier that stunts oil and sweat, and it works like a charm.

This has been a secret weapon on movie and fashion photo shoots in hot climates for years.

So be prepared for those events and pick up a little M.O.M. the next time you’re at the pharmacy. It’s cheap, but worth a bundle when in comes to looking cool at summer events and in hot weather photos.

You can do it!!