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Leg Jewelry


The hottest area for jewelry adornment is not your neck, ears, ankle or wrist, it’s actually your thigh…and I’m not talking about a GirlyGoGarter® — though they are great and you’ll love them. — LEG JEWELRY is très trendy and being seen on thighs from Coachella to Cannes.

Imagine fastening a few layers of delicate necklace around your thigh and attaching them to your undies. Well, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the look. You adorn the top of one thigh as if it were your neck, and let your leg jewelry peak out from under shorts, and highlight slits in skirts.

It’s the latest in eye-catching accessories, but you don’t have to search the Internet or spend major bucks on this trend. You can create this easily with necklaces that you already have.

Simply attach a few thin chains together, step into the collection and attach them to the lace in your undies with the clasp. It’s pretty simple and totally cool if you’ve got the confidence, courage and legs to pull this off.IMG_5559

Just in time for swimsuit and pool season! I love it.