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Shaving Your Face


Shaving Your Face!

Have I got a question for you…. Do you hate your skin and wrinkles enough to shave?

There is a growing, yet still secretive group of women who are shaving their entire face, forehead and all, with the goal of:

–  smaller pores
–  permanent blackhead removal
–  improved elasticity
–  smoother skin
–  reduced fine lines and wrinkles
–  balanced skin tone
–  reduced acne scars
–  more receptive effects of lotions   and creams
–  and the look of flawless foundation. 

Estheticians and dermatologists are practicing a formal shaving method called dermaplaning, but many women are skipping the office visit and taking the extreme exfoliating into their own hands. This is not about controlling facial hair, in fact you want to make sure your face is free from unwanted hair before you “shave.”

There is a lot of info about women shaving on the Internet with both the pros and the cons, so please do your homework. But for the brave, this could be the least expensive, underground youth solution every man already know about.

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