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Crop Tops!


Crop Tops!

The summer’s hottest shirt/top trend has many women saying NO WAY! The thought of exposing our tummies on a crop top is laughable for some of us. But this trend is totally doable. Here is how!

Crop tops are not so much about exposure as they are balance. No belly button needed! Yaay!

The crop top is popular once again because waist lines are higher and fuller, flow-y-er pant legs and skirts are back. This is not about wearing both low rise pants and a bra top, it’s about wearing a fitted top that shows just a sliver of skin and then enjoying more volume in your bottoms, but the bottoms come up and over your belly button.

The strategy of the crop top is to keep you from having to tuck anything in to create a hour-glass shape. So no matter your age, you can wear a crop top as long as it reaches or almost reached the waist line of your bottoms. You can do this. It is a hot, fun, feminine look. Don’t be afraid….again, no belly button needed for this look.

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