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Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel!

The perfect multi-use product to pack for spring break and summer travel. We all strive to pack light when we travel. Baggage fees are ridiculous and lugging 100lbs. of luggage can really put a damper on city hopping whether by land, sea or air. So here is one product with dozens of uses that will help you have an easy breezy travel season.

More than likely your mother or grandmother has suggested you use Witch Hazel for one or many things from cleaning your dogs ears and fighting varicose veins to polishing your jewelry.  Witch Hazel, is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch Hazel plant and is used for both household and medicinal purposes.

Witch Hazel is the perfect travel helper because it has so many functions and costs pennies per application. Pack a small travel bottle of Witch Hazel and use it as a gentle astringent after cleansing your skin, an acne treatment for acne prone areas like face and back, a soothing eye treatment for puffiness and bags, medicine for cuts, scrapes, bug bites and razor burn, an effective and gentle treatment for sunburn, a natural deodorant and a scalp cleaner between shampoos.

The truth is there are dozens more uses, but these will serve you perfectly while enjoying a little r&r in the coming months.

It simply doesn’t cost a fortune to look like a million.

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