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Homeade Cosmetic Removal Wipes

Homeade cosmetic removal wipes

Homemade cosmetic removal wipes!

The invention of cosmetic removing wipes changed my life. No longer do I dread the nightly ritual of removing my makeup, I keep wipes, astringent and skin treatments in my bedside table, so I never have to go to bed with my makeup on. No excuses. It could be more easy.

I love makeup remover wipes and not only do I use them on clients, but I have turned thousands of people on to them. They are awesome. The only problem for me….is the expense. My favorite brand is almost $7 a pack and I can go through a pack every two weeks or so. I started investigating how I could create my own convenient, makeup remover wipes, that were highly effective and less pricey. So here is my solution.

In a large recycled yogurt tub or a large take-out soup tub, place a role of “select a size” paper towels that have been cut in half. A sharp serrated kitchen knife will take care of this in seconds.
Boil 2 cups of water for purification and blend, 2 table spoons of coconut or baby oil and 2 large dollops of baby shampoo. Stir the mixture very well, let cool and pour into the tub and over the paper towel roll, so that it is fully saturated. Wait about 5 minutes and the center cardboard roll will slip right out of the tub. Cut a large X into the center of the lid and feed the towels through the X starting from the center most point. There you have it. These wipes are perfect for cosmetic and eye makeup removal.

I actually created these this weekend for my bonus daughters. It was dance recital weekend and though the makeup is fun going on, it is really tough getting off 7 and 12 year olds. These wipes smelled familiar and they relaxed enough for me to remove all of their stage paint. They work great and this new thrifty solution will save me about $100 a year. Hey! Every penny counts.