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Santa Brought Me New Lips!

Processed with Moldiv

After reading many articles about SEMI permanent makeup and weighing all the pros and cons, I worked like the dickens to get an appointment with the one and only Emilia Berry of Permaline Cosmetics. She is from Germany and started her precision and corrective tattooing in that country over 17 years ago, where the practice of SEMI permanent tattooed makeup has been popular for decades.

I have never really liked my lips and have always wanted a beautiful blush, plump smile, without the exhaustive effort of creating a “natural look” with two different colored lip liners and three lip sticks…and a good five minutes of daily work. When I saw all of the before and after photos from Emilia’s websight, www.permalinecostmetics, I knew I wanted a blush tone ambre lip that was slightly darker on the outside and lighter on the inside.
I created the exact look I wanted with lipliner and lipstick the night before my procedure and took lots of pictures to show Emilia, which she really appreciated and worked from.

So the question everyone wants to know is did it hurt…No. The procedure tickles. It tickles a lot. Your lips are completely numb, but the vibration of the tattoo needle tickles like crazy!  I wanted to rub my nose off, it tickled so bad.

Once the procedure was over and the numbing cream wore off, my lips definitely felt tender. However, I went right to dinner with my husband and never missed a beat in my schedule. I took a Tylenol and kept on trucking with my new smile that everyone noticed.

The color will start to fade after two years, but I will certainly be back for a freshening. I LOVE my new fuller, even, lips and the fact that all I need is a stoke of gloss to keep them looking fantastic is epic!  Emilia is cra-cra adorbs and a true artists.  I am contemplating what else I might want her to improve…SEMI permanently.

If you’ve been contemplating permanent makeup, do your homework, take photos, ask around and be completely comfortable with your decision. I knew from all of the amazing press and positive reviews, that I was in good hands with Emilia, plus I offered an EXACT EXAMPLE of what I wanted. SEMI permanent is the total way to go!

Thank you Santa for my new lips!