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New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s agree that ringing in the New Year or any of this year’s celebrations with a few of your favorite things is bound be a good thing!  Whether you are at home with your honey watching Carson Daly on New Year’s eve or hitting the dance floor at a festive party, don’t let the first day of the year, the last day of the year and any special day in between find you in sweats and a scrunchy. Make the effort…

Put on your favorite outfit, wear your favorite shoes, use your favorite stemware, even if it’s for chocolate milk, and celebrate all of the things that make you the most happy. Even if they don’t match or make sense, just focus on the pleasure and happiness created by your favorites. This is a fabulous way to honor your creative spirit and kick off this year’s most special days by putting your best foot forward. You will feel better and the occasion will instantly be made more special.

We all have a favorite out fit, China, glasses and we tend to “save” them… for who??… the Queen ain’t comin’!  Use them!!!  Jump start your year of fabulous happiness by saying yes to celebrating your likes!

My new favorite dress, my favorite shoes and earrings!

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